We provide passionate entrepreneurs the funding and guidance they need to grow their startups into strong, successful companies, from day one.

Our Advantage

Our journey started in 2011, when we raised one of the earliest first-check funds dedicated to LA founders.

We’ve been the first partner to 80+ companies to-date, and continue to be their strongest advocates.

Amplify companies make lasting impact. From supporting small businesses, to ensuring healthcare accessibility, to redefining the experience of daily work – we’re just getting started.

Our Team

We’re a team of executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and technologists, with over a decade of experience working together to support our founders’ journeys.

Managing Partner

The Amplify Mentor Network.

Only experienced operators, strategists and executives who can devote their time and expertise to Amplify companies are invited to join our mentor network. Amplify mentors support our companies in a variety of ways from meeting up for coffee, making introductions, or on occasion, joining the company as a formal advisor or executive. Below you’ll see a selection of the 120+ mentors available to advise our founders.

We like to invest early, often the first investor in many of our companies, but we bring on additional capital from our trusted network of funding partners when the time is right.